What Happens After Mediation Settlement; Mediation is a process where the trained mutual person called a mediator. It helps people in a dispute, talking and understand each other and hopefully reach an agreement.  Although some courts may require parties to go mediation.

The court cannot make people reach an agreement. If you don’t reach an agreement in mediation. you don’t need to lose your legal rights. So, you can still go to court.

What Happens After Mediation Settlement

Mediator siting next to  two clients and clients are shake hands after  mediation settlement.
Unlike court hearings Mediation is confidential and private

Why Try Mediation?

  • Always, mediation may protect your privacy. Unlike court hearings which is open to the public. Mediation is confidential and private.
  • Also, save your time and money. If you don’t reach an agreement in mediation, you can still go to trial. If you reach an agreement, you can skip the trial.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • It will help you to repair relationships or business relationships.
  • Unlike a court, hearings are open to the public. Mediation is confidential and private.

What Can The Mediator Do?

A mediator may help identify issues and options that assist you with the other person and you are eternizing, exploring, and underlying needs. They also record points of agreement.

The Mediator Should Not;

A mediator should not take sides or make judgments about who is rights and who is wrong. The mediator shouldn’t give legal advice or tell you what to try to to. The mediator should not push you into settling your case if you don’t want to and the mediator does not recommend the terms of an agreement. This is up to you and the person on the other side.

Mediation Is Confidential

The mediator is bound by ethical rules and should not discuss what happens in mediation section with anyone, except in very limited circumstances. The mediator may have a requirement to disclose information however, to stop serious bodily harm or death to a possible victim. Although, he will talk about confidentiality at your mediation session.

If you have a question about confidentiality or what mediator might be required by logic disclose, talk with your mediator.

Who Picks The Mediator?

If you order to participate in mediation, or given the opportunity to participate in a court base mediation program. Mostly, the court may choose a mediator for you.

Most courts draw from the panel of the court of the proof mediator, If you don’t like the mediator the court selected, you may have a right to choose a different mediator. You may go to the court officer in most circuit court and ask to review the list of court proof mediators. You may also ask the court for any mediator application form which has information on the training background and the experience of each court of a proof mediator. There are seventeen community mediation centers located throughout Maryland.

Before You Decide On A Mediator, Ask About;

Before you choose mediator you should find out about his or her experience,  how he or she approaches mediation. And ask about fees.

Prepare For Mediation

If you’ve got a lawyer, ask him or her. Think about what stake for you and the other party. If you go to the trial, a likely win or lose, Be prepared to discuss issues that are important to you and the other person. Think about what you want and what the other party might want. Try to keep an open mind.

Participate In Mediation;

In most cases, if you have a lawyer your lawyer can participate in mediation with you. If you did not sure ask your mediator or your lawyer. If you have a lawyer talk to him or her in advance, about your role and your lawyer’s role in the mediation, be sure to discuss with your lawyer your rights under the law and any rights you may that want to lives.

Whether you have a lawyer or not, the mediator is trained to know how to help both sides, talk about the issue, and things that are important to them. Be polite, respectful, and then listen to the other side. Have an open mind about different solutions. Be willing to bring a strong possible solution that addresses the cause problems in a new way. A settlement in which you give mostly what most important to you.

Might be better than going to trial, where the judgment jury man-make the decision that might not goal your way. Remember it is your conversation, Speak up.

Mediation Costs; How Much Does Mediation Cost?

As mention earlier community mediation is usually free or on a sliding scale. Private mediator set their own fees. The cost of the court base mediation depends on the program and the court. Mediation services offered by the district court and the court of special appeals are free.

Female Mediator speaking with a couple about mediation process
Mediation services offered by the district court

Mediation Costs; Circuit Court

In most circuit court civil cases the court set the fees which are usually split by the parties. Some circuit court has free family mediation and most courts have a process to apply for free waived

After Mediation

If you reach an agreement in mediation, it should be written down. The mediator may record points of agreement reach by the parties. If you are the other party that has a lawyer. The lawyer may draft a settlement agreement.

The Agreement

Be sure you understand all the points in the agreement. and that every part of the agreement is included, especially details. Be specific is possible include information about what happens if either party doesn’t do what he or she agreed to do. The mediator may help you think about these details.

If you don’t understand any part of the agreement you can ask them. If you worry about given up your right and settlement agreement. You may hire a lawyer to review the settlement agreement before you sign it. The agreement is only final when everyone agrees and signs it.

What Happens After Mediation Settlement

So what happens after mediation settlement? After the agreement is been finalized it may be included in a court order or the court file. If you don’t reach an agreement at mediation, you may still go to trial. Your trial may be the same day or in the future.

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