You might be thinking about how can you switch car insurance? However, It’s not that hard like you think. Still, there are a few steps that you should know before changing your car insurer. With all the experience I have in the insurance industry I’m going to show you 6 best steps to switch car insurance in 2020.

How to Switch Car Insurance

Usually, I would recommend you to shop for car insurance every 6 months because car insurance rates can rise dramatically in that period. Your rate will always decide your environment, which changes over time. You can change your car insurance companies any time you want. Therefore you have to be smart with this, and believe me, you can save a significant amount of money on your premium.

You might think about finding the cheapest insurance* coverage is the right way to go. Still, I’m telling you with all the experience finding the cheapest, not always guarantee the best coverage. When you cancel your coverage midyear, even you have been paying your car insurance premium on an annual basis. You can get a refund from your insurance firm. Nevertheless, you have to pay a cancellation price or policy change fee, relying on your current insurance firm’s coverage.

Is it wrong to switch insurance companies? There are risks of changing insurance companies, but if you learn it correctly, there is nothing to worry at all. I have included some details regarding this; hopefully, this might help you to find how to change your car insurance provider.

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Insurance Company Cancellation Price
Nationwide No
State Farm No
Progressive Yes (varies by state)
21st Century Yes
Liberty Mutual            No
Farmers No
Allstate No
Esurance Yes (10 percent of balance)
Mercury Yes
The Hartford No
Travelers No
The General Yes (10 percent of balance)
Insurance companies and cancellation price

How to Switch Car Insurance – Guide

1. Compare Insurance Firms

I know that you don’t wish to go by the difficulty of shopping for car insurance. In the same way, your insurance firm also knows that. Therefore most firms increase an average of 5% their rates for a year. In the meantime, if you have engaged in any car accident, you must anticipate your rates to be even higher.

As your first step, you should shop and compare insurance companies to find the best insurance firm which suited you the most.

2. Match your Insurance Policy

For the second step, as you begin finding insurance quotes from other companies, you should match your insurance policy with them. To do this, you must recognize what sort of car insurance policy you want going forward. For example, what are your deductibles? What do you want, comprehensive, collision, and uninsured coverages? Let’s think you have moved to a new place, in your state, what is the minimum level of insurance? If you want to find this info, look at your present policy’s declaration page. 

When requesting new insurance quotes, you should keep your current policy’s declaration page close. (Always try to take an extra copy of this) Unless you don’t have a one, then you can request a hard copy through your current insurer.

FYI, you want collision and comprehensive protection if:

  • You wish to resell the automobile for revenue finally.
  • Is price greater than $4,000.
  • Your automobile has a leased or loan.

3. Research

When research first uses the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (The NAIC) to find the insurance firm’s buyer’s complaint ratio and financial status. Go to their FB page, search via Quora, and discover how they respond to certain occasions for a specific client. The best way an organization responds to different clients is how exactly they are going to respond to you. Therefore, I don’t think I have to explain more about how important to have your research before signing with a brand new insurance company.

4. Transfer Your Discount

Isn’t this step obvious to you? When you switch to a new car insurance firm, you have to be sure that present reductions will carry over to your new firm. Unless you are an excellent driver Multy Policy (Bundling) and Telematic reductions won’t transfer automatically. If you take the recommended Multy Policy discount, to ensure you get a renters quote along with your new firm. Telematics reduction works according to your new firm. Therefore, choose wisely.

5. Coverage Gap

If you are a US citizen then you already know that driving without car insurance is illegal no matter what the situation. If you want to switch your car insurance to a new one then coverage gap might be your biggest enemy. Because It could cost you so much money. Companies always look at your old records closely so make sure there is no lapse in your coverage.

6. Keep your New Policy safe

You will get a new declaration page and ID cards after you switch to a new car insurance company. My only hope with my instruction you make sure to find the best policy, higher premium, and perhaps even better coverage when switching to a new one.

I have told you how important your declarations page to you in case of review your policy details. You need your ID as well. For instance, if you involve in a collision or even if you want to buy a new car, you need your ID. So make sure to keep them close. Yes, I know there are much more modern ways to do it, like most insurance firms have their app, which you can have access to your documents or policy. But who knows having some copies won’t be a bad idea in case of an emergency.

How to Cancel The Car Insurance Policy?

To avoid overlapping coverage, you must cancel your previous insurance policy when you purchase a new insurance policy. Every insurance company has its protocol for cancellation. Nevertheless, With all my knowledge, experience, and research details, I just made a little guideline to show you how to cancel your previous insurance policy.  

  • Contact your present insurer 

Tell them your idea about you wants to cancel the. Each insurance companies use different methods for the cancellation process. For some companies, you have the luxury of canceling your policy from online and via Apps, Website, Email, or written letters you can ask for cancellation. 

  • Ask for requirements to cancel the policy. ( About how you do it)
  • Ask for expenses or refund.
  • Stop all automatic payments going through your bank.
  • Make sure to get a written letter from the previous company that your coverage has canceled.

I didn’t explain much here, but if you have some questions, try to use the comment option.

After Moving to a New Car Insurance Company What Should You Do First?

The first thing you should do after switching to a new company is like I mentioned earlier, keep your new policy safe. Be sure to inform your leasing company instantly if you have a mortgage or a lease. At last, drive safely and be careful. Try to be extra cautious at least for the first 3 months, which will be your probation period.

Answer for How to Switch Car Insurance providers might seem to intimidate you, but think about the amount of money you can save. 

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