Today I am going to speak about “How long does an accident stay on your insurance?” as my topic. I have been working in one of the leading insurance companies in the USA. Amount of experience and knowledge I gathered throughout 15 years of my career, I have faced this question so many occasions. 

How Long Does an Accident Stay on Your Insurance?

Answer for this question relies on according to 8 elements, including:

  1. Your age
  2. Your location
  3. The insurance company you select
  4. How long you have been with your insurer
  5. How bad the violation or accident you engaged
  6. The estimated value of the damage 
  7. Your state
  8. Your old record

As long as you keep away from another accident, most auto insurance companies will drop charges in-between 3 to 5 years after the accident. Still, as I mentioned earlier, it relies on those elements to decide how long does an accident stay on your insurance. For instance, some states in us only allow insurance companies to include any violation only for 6 years according to their regulations. 

When Does Auto Insurance Go Down After an Accident?

First thing, you should always remember and keep all the details and charges after an at-fault accident. because it will avoid a longer than necessary surcharge period. Usually penalty period after a collision or property damage is three years. Still, you can charge for even longer if you violate below mention factors: 

  • Critical bodily harm or death situation
  • Bodily injury claim
  • DWI/DUI charges
  • Reckless driving
  • More than one violation within a specific time

Before you engage in another accident, try to include accident forgiveness to your auto insurance policy to reduce surcharge. All the insurance companies ask a driver to be an accident or claim free for some period before qualify for the accident forgiveness. 

Accident Forgiveness

This accident forgiveness is a function of an auto insurance firms use to protect their customers driving record before being affected by the insurance firm’s rating system for an accident, or this will prevent customer’s insurance premiums from going up because of an at-fault accident. 

There are some insurance firms they use this as a perk for buyer loyalty. However, as I mentioned earlier insurance companies ask their customers to be an accident or claim free for some period before qualify for the accident forgiveness. Some insurance ask 

Few auto insurance firms’ that supply accident forgiveness include:

  • USAA Insurance – does not make accessible in CT, NY, DE, NC
  • Geico Insurance – will offer upgraded and free accident forgiveness
  • Travelers insurance – Out there by way of the purchase of a Responsible Driver Plan
  • Liberty Mutual insurance – supplied accident forgiveness if you go 5 years without any violation even with one other carrier.
  • Farmers insurance – offered you if you don’t have an accident for the past 3 years and drop charges for your at-fault accident. 
  • Nationwide insurance – solely permits one forgiven accident per coverage and extend to each driver on the coverage.
  • Allstate insurance – offers and offers through “Allstate Extra”.
  • Progressive insurance – offer accident forgiveness from 2ways includes:
  1. Large accident forgiveness – Need to be a customer for 5 years at least and should have a good driving record for 3 years minimum.
  2. Small accident forgiveness -This offer claims lower than 500 dollars. 
crashed red car after a car accident
How long does an accident stay on your insurance

Violations and Accidents Which Don’t Affect Your Insurance Premium

First Minor Accident 

Will a minor accident raise my insurance? If it is how much does insurance go up after a minor accident? I have the most straightforward answer to that.

Your driving record doesn’t taint merely as soon as you get in an at-fault accident. For example, let’s think you involve in a driving violation with an expired sticker, speed 10 KPH higher the restricted, minor car accident when you drive on low speed or different type of car accidents.

It’s probably won’t go to affect your insurance premiums. But at least you need to have a clean driving record and good relationship with the insurance company. Then insurance companies will reward you with accident forgiveness to stop the premium rise.

At-Fault Accidents

Your premium is not assured of rising even you involved in an at-fault accident. Usually, many insurance companies don’t increase their rates once for an at-fault accident in between 6 year period. It’s if you get right into a second or third time that you would have in danger for a rise in your insurance premium.

For instance, you are in a minor accident which insurance firm decided you at fault. But, in the event, you drove your vehicle right into a wall of your home. Still, that accident considers as an at-fault accident for your report, regardless that nobody was concerned.

How to Lower Your Rates If You Engaged in a Car Accident 

There are many methods to save money on auto insurance. For example, you possibly can search for discounts. I wrote a decent article about describing discount. Therefore, I will put those links below.

To check more about the discounts you should see your insurance agent to get some idea about eligible discounts for you. I have included some money-saving popular methods here: 

  • Pay the entire policy full amount 
  • Going to defensive driving class
  • Bundling Motor Insurance Discounts (Carrying two insurance coverages)
  • Equipment Discount (For anti-theft device)
  • Preferred payment Discount for car insurance (signing for electronic statement)

The most valuable thing you can do is to shop for premiums or switching car insurance after an accident before your current insurance firm raises your charges. New insurance companies will still look at your old records, and they will see the accident in your report. Nevertheless, usually, most of the insurance companies might not consider it as much as your current insurance firm. 

I’m not going to describe much about cheapest auto insurance, discounts, how to shop around for insurance premiums and how to switch your auto insurance because I wrote many articles about those earlier I include few links in case you want to learn more:

  • You can learn more about discounts form here 
  • Learn more about how to switch your vehicle from here
  • You can learn more about how to shop around premiums from her

Can Insurance Firms Increase My Rates Even I Didn’t Cause the Accident?

Yes, indeed that can happen anytime in the USA for example, if another person bumped into you, if someone else crashes into your while you drive your insurance company may increase your rates even it looked unfair to you. But, mostly it depends on your insurance company they decide whether they are going to raise your rates or not.

“A few years ago, my father also had to face a similar scenario. Someone else had hit into him while he was driving and his insurance company spent almost 3000 dollars for repairs; therefore, they increased his rates dramatically”.

It seems unfair, but according to the Consumer Federation of America, it isn’t. According to them, causing not at fault accidents can undoubtedly increase your rates. However, some states in the USA won’t allow raising their prices according to their state laws. 

Finally please bear in mind, all the guidelines offered here in a broad scope and because of that precise solutions you obtain might differ from the data given right here. Please seek the advice of your insurance agent.


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