If you are a young driver, then your car insurance premium cost is going to be very high when comparing to drivers over the age of 20. Finding the cheapest car insurance for young drivers is pretty tricky. But, with 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, I know how exactly to find the most affordable coverage for you. Well, that’s what you are going to learn in this comprehensive step by step guide.  

Let’s think you are a careful driver, and you have a small vehicle, which is cheap. Therefore, you might expect a low insurance cost as a young driver. But, according to the latest data, you are likely to have to pay a high insurance premium. The reason is that young drivers have been more likely to engage in a car accident and make a claim. Insurance companies usually calculate auto insurance premiums primarily based on risk. 

Therefore, the insurance premium cost is always going to be excessive for young drivers.  

Why is Car Insurance So Costly for Young Drivers?

As I mentioned earlier in the introduction, the main reason for young drivers’ auto insurance is so high is the risk young drivers possess. According to data, young drivers are more likely to engage in a car accident and make a claim than drivers above the age of 20.

In addition to being more likely to have an accident, young drivers haven’t been behind the wheel for a lengthy amount of time. Therefore insurance companies don’t have much data regarding their driving to evaluate their risk.

Another reason is that young drivers are more likely to have distracted driving habits. For example, usually, they like to talk with other passengers, using a mobile phone, eating, drinking, applying makeup, and looking for an object inside the vehicle while driving. As you know, doing these things may take a driver’s attention away from the road at essential times. According to U.S Government Reports that 11% of drivers under age 20 involved in a car accident have been distracted due to facts mention before.  

Young drivers are also reckless. They like to drink alcohol, using drugs, smoking, and other bad habits even though they know that it’s wrong, and they still don’t care. 

All these facts mentioned above will cause a substantial financial risk for insurance companies. Therefore, young drivers often have to pay more, and finding the cheapest car insurance for young drivers is a reasonably difficult task. 

Nevertheless, the best thing you can do to lower their cost you should be a careful driver on the road, avoid speeding tickets and accidents. But, you should know that rates depend on not only your age but also the company you choose. Hence, try to shop around as much as possible to find the best insurance company for you.

How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

If you are a young driver who wants to find the cheapest car insurance, then I am going to show you the latest methods to reduce your auto insurance costs. However, there are many ways you can reduce your insurance costs. 

Find the Most Affordable Vehicles to Insure

As I mention above, there are many ways that you can reduce your insurance costs. But, the first thing which comes to my mind is your vehicle. 

If you choose the right vehicle, then it will help you cut down on the cost of your auto insurance to do that; you want to be smart when selecting your vehicle. There are five factors that your insurance company will consider before rate your vehicle.

Vehicles are Rated on the Following Factors:

  • The estimated value of your car
  • Safety features your vehicle has
  • How quickly your vehicle accelerates and reaches to top speed
  • Cost of auto parts of your vehicle
  • Cost of repair and how long it would take to repair

My advice to you is trying to find a cheap small car which is reliable and safe. Also, don’t ever modify your vehicle because it will only make your vehicle more powerful and expensive.

After purchase Cheapest Car Insurance for herself blonde young girl driving a black car
Finding cheapest car insurance is difficult for young drivers but not impossible (Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers)

Including Safety Features to Your Vehicle

This option might not look like something useful, but believe me, on this one. This option will be a good option for you to reduce insurance costs. Including things like car alarms, immobilizers, and different anti-theft devices will result in cheaper insurance fees.

Choose the Appropriate Insurance Policy

Several insurance companies will provide various kinds of insurance policies. 

In the U.S, if you want to drive on the road, then you need one insurance policy. According to states, laws that is the minimum insurance coverage. Usually, that is the liability insurance coverage. But it covers only the opposite driver’s damages and vehicle repairs only. Therefore, your injury cost or vehicle repairs of your vehicle will not include.  

To get full advantage and get an idea about them, you have to shop all the auto insurance market to find the appropriate insurance policy. Therefore, it will take a while to consider what level of coverage you need. So try to avoid expensive insurance coverage and do not ever make the mistake of paying an additional fee for what you don’t want.

What is Accident Forgiveness?

Accidents can happen to anyone; therefore, this feature included by some insurance companies to save their customers driving records. Accident forgiveness will usually prevent your insurance premium rise after your first at-fault accident. This option is only available in only a few insurance companies. If you want to learn more about this read from here

Including Well-Experienced Driver to Your Policy

I think this method is the best possible way to reduce your car insurance cost. Including a skilled and older driver to your insurance policy is a good option for you. But, the vehicle you drive should belong to the main driver. Doing so, the insurer will consider you are not the only one driving the vehicle, and the amount of risk will be low. Therefore, the probabilities of an accident reduce, and you will have a reduced insurance fee.

Defensive Driving Class

Young drivers learn to enhance their driving expertise by decreasing their driving risks by anticipating situations and making effective choices. Complete an authorized defensive driving class or accident prevention course will help get cheaper auto insurance for young drivers. Because usually, insurance companies provide discounts when you have completed this course. 

Good Pupil Low Cost (Discounts for students)

First, if you have GPA grades 3.0 or above, you might be eligible for this discount. It depends on your insurance company. As proof, they need a transcript for each coverage period. (Six to twelve month)

Stay Out of Accidents

Finally, if you could stay out of accidents then, the most reliable way to keep your insurance cost low will be this method. Try to learn and studies all the risk young drivers or teens face find ways to avoid those will make your life easier.


Now you should know that there is no such thing as the most affordable or cheapest car insurance for young drivers. You have to reduce its cost by using the methods I teach you from this guide. These methods are going to help you to reduce your insurance cost if you are a young teenage driver who is searching for cheap car insurance coverage.

Top 5 Insurance Companies in the USA

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  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Farmers

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