Auto insurance have many names mentioned as car insurance, automobile insurance, motor insurance or vehicle insurance. Auto insurance is insurance for cars, jeep, trucks, motorcycles, and all other road vehicles.

it’s essential to shop around and compare quotes before buy an insurance. So use your sense.

Car insurance may be a contract between you and the car insurance company. Its primary use is to provide protection for you against financial loss and in the event of physical damage or bodily injury resulting from accident or theft.

So In exchange for paying a premium, the car insurance firm agrees to pay your losses as mention in your policy.

Car insurance provides coverage for,

Property – like damage to or theft of your car
Liability – your liability to others for bodily injury or property damage
Medical – the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation and sometimes lost wages and funeral expenses

If you get in a car accident, your insurance premiums will almost certainly be higher. Our profile of a driver with a single accident had study rates that were 43% higher than the profile with a clean record. The average increase was about $600 per year.

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